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Chandra X-Ray Observatory

The NASA Great Observatory that would have paid my salary, named for University of Chicago astrophysicist Rama Chandrasekar (whom I met during my undergrad years at Notre Dame).

Chandra Home Page

A2142 Observations Confirm tbird's Ph.D Thesis!!!

NASA's Space Flight Awareness Program -- the Silver Snoopy Award

The astronauts' own award for contributions above and beyond the call of duty.


Picture it white. And fast. Have I mentioned lately that I love my VR-4? Every self-respecting Bond girl has to have her own sports car.

SAGE -- the System Administrators' Guild

My professional affiliation:
SAGE Home Page

Notre Dame

This pin commemorates the 150th anniversary of my alma mater. I followed in my father Chris' footsteps going to Notre Dame, where his dad -- my grandfather, Otto Bird -- taught philosophy. I scored the lapel pin from my uncle, Ken Peczkowski, who was faculty at ND at the time of the anniversary celebration. A lot of relatives in one small decoration.

University of Notre Dame

Arecibo Observatory

The radio observatory in Puerto Rico where I collected the data for my master's thesis on the dynamics of the A2151 (Hercules) cluster of galaxies.

Arecibo Home Page
Dark Matter and Dynamics in the Hercules Cluster (A2151)

All American Girl's Professional Baseball League

I like to think that if the girl's league had stayed financially viable, I might have had a great future as the next Cal Ripkin. Yeah, right. Anyhow South Bend had one of the original teams -- the Blue Stockings -- and I think that rocks.

All American Girl's Professional Baseball League

Mobil Oil -- Pegasus Trademark

I used to collect Pegasuses. This vintage patch from Mobil also came from my beloved uncle, Ken Peczkowski, who is an avid flea marketer and giver of really fine birthday presents.

Mobil and the Pegasus Symbol


An early ISP in the Bay Area. There's an understatement.

The WELL Home Page

Star Trek -- The Original Series

This is the insignia worn by a science officer in the original Star Trek series. Quite influential in my decision to become an astronomer -- between that and the Apollo program, I decided on my future career at the age of, oh, five.

Why yes, I am a rocket scientist

A gift from my beloved ex-roommate, Lydia.

Save the Humans


My grandfather was a U.S. Navy Seabee in the Phillipines during World War II. This patch is from one of his uniforms. I'm insanely proud to wear it.


The Apollo Program

One of my earliest memories is watching the launch of Apollo 11. Wow. To have been alive when we first landed on the moon -- how cool is that?

Apollo Program

Eyes on the Stars

I don't have any additional information on this one.



The Columbia mission that launched the Chandra Observatory.

STS-93 Home Page
NASA's Columbia Home Page

Hubble Space Telescope

The first of NASA's Great Observatories, and collector of some of the most incredible photographs ever taken. Not to mention, the funding source that brought my ex-husband and I together...

Hubble Home Page
Hubble at Space Telescope Science Institute
Hubble Heritage Gallery

Cosmic Background Explorer

When you're grading freshman year physics lab reports, you can always tell when the students have cheated, cos their results are too perfect. COBE was like that. Its error bars were smaller than anything I'd ever seen from an observation before, tempting me to think that God had somehow fudged the creation of the Universe. Luckily we found some irregularities, too....

COBE results

Report that Man to Mission Control!

The Snoopy patch that got me started on the vintage NASA patch collection.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer

tbird's favorite television entertainment, and a fine role model for a computer security geek.

One of many Buffy Web sites

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