Roger Walden (Bishop of London 1405-1406) and his brother John lived within the monastic community of St. Bartholomew the Great from approximately 1400-1404. During that time Walden commissioned the canopied tomb monument to the founder, Rahere. He also created a Middle English translation of the Book of the Foundation, bound with a Latin transcript of an earlier copy, which survive in the Cottonian collection of the British Museum (Vespasian B. IX). Walden is said to be buried in St. Bartholomew's, but the location is lost.

Although the canopied monument dates from 1400 or so, Moore and Worley state that the effigy itself is much older, and probably represents a likeness of the founder of the priory. Later authors are less confident of the portraiture, although they agee that the clothing and style of the sculpture are consistent with 12th century carving.

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